Sunday, January 13, 2008

To Dos for 2008

I like reading what others recommend we do. I think advice is a great thing to receive and to give, but one should also use caution because what you get is usually worth what you pay for it.

On the web this month there are thousands of bloggers telling one another what to do! I'm not quite ready to be one of those in what concerns mobile social networking (partly because I put all my advice in the 270 page report!), however, I am ready to consider the advice of some, for example, a marketing expert like Valeria Maltoni.

In this post on January 11, she has five recommendations for marketing and bloggers. Hope to do at least one or two myself! She's targeting the on-line community primarily, so mobile blogging is one of her suggestions for 2008. She's also recommending that people use their webcams to blog with video. Why not combine the two? it's more than twice the challenge!

For me, this blog and its sister pages were on the list. The to do 2008 list would be far too long if it were for the whole year so I'm only focusing on January. The remaining items on the professional to do list for January 2008 (in this line of business) were/are:
  1. get the report out (edited, produced and marketed properly)
  2. update the PEREY web site ( before the marketing of the report kicks in (and then maintain the site)
  3. learn how to use my N95
  4. figure out the to do list for February

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