Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the Mobile Social Networking industry forecast

I'm looking forward to getting the opportunity to discuss the Mobile Social Networking industry model and forecasts with some experts this week. I've got a meeting set up with Jason at AdMob who has written about his company's "scientific" approach to estimating the number of community members or community registrations, I'm not sure which.

In the Informa Mobile Social Networking industry forecast, we first estimate the number of people, actual unique people, who are participating in the industry by signing up for and contributing to communities. Then we estimate how those people participate. This is the really fun part. People can be joiners, collectors, critics and creators. I explain what each of those terms mean in the report. Then, they can join one or more community and play different roles, depending on the community. We estimated the number of communities people were in according to the region and the types of communities.

Finally, we segment the market according to the complexity of the community platform, in other words the number of features it has to offer.

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