Thursday, January 10, 2008

The world keeps spinning!

The editors are processing the chapters of the Mobile Social Networking report as fast as they can but the world continues to turn. With each passing day, those working in this field need this resource more and more!

Not only do I hope to contribute to the dialog about mobile communities, I'm also in a hurry because I am very eager to receive the criticism and feedback on what I have proposed. I hope to make continuous improvements in my materials and segmentations, and to have the opportunity to speak in public venues and at industry events in the next few months.

Speaking of public speaking and mobile social networking, on January 6 Bill Gates took the stage at CES for the last time. Near the end of his talk, when he was talking about the future, he showed and spoke about a device on which Microsoft is working for Mobile community participants and those who capture mobile social media. The new Microsoft handset will combine live video capture with location recognition and 3D mapping. Although it has not yet been named, Gates anticipates these features to be integrated into Windows Mobile devices. The "intelligent agent" will provide the user details on locations, people and other objects it views through a built-in video camera! This is a perfect cross over between the Mobile Social Networking market and the Mobile Augmented Reality which is emerging is my other focal point for 2008.

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